3L Hydration Backpack

Stylish, slimline design


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3L Hydration Backpack Description

Stylish, slimline design
3 litre bladder
Cold cell insulation keeps water cool for hours
Velcro tabbed protective cover
Fully adjustable straps with quick release buckle to reduce risk of snag injuries
V-Form retro reflective strips for low light visibility
High-Vis orange colour provides added safety
Neoprene insulated hydration tube: 5.5mm diameter rapid liquid flow tube. Quick release for easy cleaning. Bite valve automatic flow/shut-off for handsfree hydration. UV resistant.
3L bladder: Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer (PVA), BPA-Free. Large 55mm diameter filling port (accommodates addition of ice). Flexible, shock-proof. Slide lock opening for hygienic cleaning