Aluminium Floor Bunding Installation Kit


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Aluminium Floor Bunding Installation Kit Description

Aluminium Floor Bunding is a unique product ideal for hazardous liquid containment in accordance with Australian safety legislation AS 1940-2004. It can be used to contain and divert liquids such as acids, coolants, corrosives, fuels and water, to prevent the environment becoming polluted. It is also non-magnetic and non-sparking, making it ideal as a spill containment method where explosive vapor mixtures are present.

This robust floor bunding is made from marine grade 6005-T65 extruded aluminium, withstanding frequent and heavy traffic over a long period of time. The aluminium bunding is suitable for vehicles such as Class 2 RAV B-Doubles and heavy duty container forklifts. The standard aluminium bund lengths are 1200mm. With a longer life span, this is a great alternative to concrete bund at a fraction of the cost. It won’t crack, chip or degrade over time so you can avoid expensive replacement costs.

The installation kit includes pre-drilled bund sections, DynaBolts, and Fulaprene sealant. The 30mm height provides bunding capacity while the profile maximises clearance and allows easy vehicle passage with minimal driver discomfort. The grooved surface provides traction as the vehicle passes over the low profile bund.

Aluminium Floor Bunding is perfect for use in applications such as: Wash bays, Fuel depots, Liquid storage areas, Parking facilities, Warehouses