Concrete Washout Bag, 2470KG – 177 x 105 x 39cm


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Concrete Washout Bag, 2470KG – 177 x 105 x 39cm Description

The Stratex Concrete Washout Bag provides a quick and convenient solution to contain all concrete washout waste. The bag is simply placed under the chute or hopper and the slurry is contained in the plastic/polyethylene inner liner in the bag. When the concrete is set, the bag is forkliftable with built in loops for safe and easy transportation to an offsite location. All bags are fully tested and compliant with Australian Standard AS3668-1989 and have safe working loads listed below. Once set, the Concrete Washout Bag and its contents creates a versatile secondary product to use for car park walls, low retaining walls or designated compounds. The bags are perfect for use in applications such as Civil Construction, Road Construction & Commercial Construction.