GuardDog Drain Guard – Oil & Sediment Filter – 100cm x 81cm


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GuardDog Drain Guard – Oil & Sediment Filter – 100cm x 81cm Description

GuardDog Drain Guards are designed to be placed over drains to to filter both oil spill and sediment contamination.

Manufactured using unique Spilltration Husky oil filtration matting, the GuardDog is engineered to allow clean rainwater to filter through while absorbing and containing oil and fuel-based leaks and drips. In addition, GuardDogs will prevent rubbish, debris and sediment from entering the drain.

The ultra-thick absorbent mat is made from durable, recycled post-industrial waste. This, along with the ability to reuse multiple times, makes them an environmentally sustainable option.
:: Fits over the drain, for easy maintenance.
:: Works on oils, sheens, sediments and debris.
:: Durable enough to be driven over.
:: High flow rates.
:: Overflow port, to prevent water from backing up, in a heavy rain event.
:: Holds up to UV exposure.

Key Attributes:
:: Heavy-duty polyethylene mesh top for drive over durability.
:: Spilltration filtration layer for removing oils, fuels, sheens and sediments.
:: Raised center for capturing debris during higher flow situations.
:: Overflow port to prevent water from backing up in heavy rain event.
:: Eyelets to easily secure to the grate with wire ties or cable ties. Alternatively can be secured with concrete bolts.
:: Substance Filtered: Oils, Sediments, Debris and Rubbish
:: Dimensions: 1000mmW x 810mmL
:: Hydrocarbon Absorbency: 7.7L
:: Weight Each: 1Kg
:: Recycled Content: Spilltration fibers are 100% recycled content.
:: UV Resistant: Yes