GuardDog Side-entry Drain Guard – Oil and Sediment Filter – 150cm x 80cm


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GuardDog Side-entry Drain Guard – Oil and Sediment Filter – 150cm x 80cm Description

GuardDog Drain Guards are designed to be placed over side-entry drains to filter both oil spill and sediment contamination. The GuardDog features aluminium strips that can contour to any drain, providing a perfect fit.

Manufactured using unique Spilltration Husky oil filtration matting, the GuardDog is engineered to allow clean rainwater to filter through while absorbing and containing oil and fuel-based leaks and drips. In addition, GuardDogs will prevent rubbish, debris and sediment from entering the drain.

The ultra-thick absorbent mat is made from durable, recycled post-industrial waste. This, along with the ability to reuse multiple times, makes them an environmentally sustainable option.

:: Fits over the drain, for easy maintenance.
:: Works on oils, sheens, sediments and debris.
:: Durable enough to be driven over.
:: High flow rates.
:: Overflow port, to prevent water from backing up, in a heavy rain event.
:: Holds up to UV exposure.

Key Attributes:
:: Heavy-duty polyethylene mesh top for drive over durability.
:: Spilltration filtration layer for removing oils, fuels, sheens and sediments.
:: Raised center for capturing debris during higher flow situations.
:: Overflow port to prevent water from backing up in heavy rain event.
:: Eyelets to easily secure to the grate with wire ties or cable ties. Alternatively can be secured with concrete bolts.
:: Substance Filtered: Oils, Sediments, Debris and Rubbish
:: Dimensions: 1220mmW x 810mmL
:: Hydrocarbon Absorbency: 10L
:: Weight Each: 1Kg
:: Recycled Content: Spilltration fibers are 100% recycled content.
:: UV Resistant: Yes