Lever Hoist Industrial

LINQ Lever Hoist Industrial 0.75 Tonne Capacity 1.5m Long


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Lever Hoist Industrial Description

This is a high end Industrial quality lever hoist designed for rugged and robust applications

The Elite Lever Hoist (Industrial) range are supplied with OVERLOAD PROTECTION as a standard feature

The Elite Lever Hoist (Industrial) range includes a standard gasket feature to safeguard and prevent dust ingress from forming a grinding paste to greased moving parts. This has been designed to combat dust issues endemic to harsh conditions such as mining environments. A worldwide first

The Elite series meets AS1418.2 and EN-13157

Traceability markings on load chain – “Tri-marked with LINQ brand, G80 mark, batch reference number’”

Standard 1.5m lift height but can be supplied with any lift height

The bottom hook is supplied with thrust bearing for AS/NZS compliance (the purpose being to better relieve twist stresses in the load chain)

The Elite Lever Hoist (Industrial) is a 7-BEARING design, for even load spread, and efficiency of internal parts movement, ensuring a long service life, and resulting in a class leading lower effort rating per ton – less energy to lift a load

Capacity: 0.75T

Standard Lift Height: 1.5M