MegaBund Urethane Floor Bunding (25mm x 150mm x 1m)


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MegaBund Urethane Floor Bunding (25mm x 150mm x 1m) Description

MegaBund Floor Bunding is a premium polyurethane extruded floor bunding for the containment of hazardous liquids. With excellent chemical resistance, MegaBund is a versatile chemical storage solution which can be used in a range of different applications. Flexible and low profile, the highly visibly yellow floor bunding is designed to reduce trip hazards and improve workplace safety, while being easily traversible by vehicles and forklifts.

Stay compliant with Australian Standards such as AS/NZS 3833:2007 and avoid EPA fines. The floor bunding is easy to cut into lengths to create a custom sized storage area, reducing cost and wastage.

MegaBund is easy and stress free to install; it is manufactured with pre-moulded points for dynabolts and minimum tools are required. 6 Dynabolts are included in the purchase of each floor bunding length. When purchasing tubes of Fulaprene Adhesive, we recommend approximately 1 tube of adhesive to 3 lengths of Megabund. Watch the video for a step-by-step guide.